Why-Oh "The Glamorous Life"?

Ah, the Glamorous Life: The picturesque life of the Theatre Artist living their dreams in the Big City. Fun, Freeing, and Fulfilling! Right?

Well, sometimes.

As amazing as spending your life doing what you love can be, there’s so much more that comes along with living as a full-time theatre artist. And most of it is rarely or never talked about! Sometimes it’s Glitz and Glamor, but other times it’s Rejection and Ramen. So why not discuss it all?

Join me as I explore the everyday, behind-the-scenes, and real life stories of what it takes to make this journey happen. From the triumphs and joys, through the mundane and taboo, to the sorrows and frustrations. What is it like to live as a theatre artist? What kind of unique experiences do you have? What is the good, the bad, and the could-really-use-a-touch-up? Read, watch, subscribe, and come find out!

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But Who Are You, Michael?

An excellent question! Who is this guy who says he knows what it’s like to live life as a theatre artist?

Well, you are currently on my website, so there’s plenty of information about me right here! Buuuut here are the basics. My name is Michael Radi and I am a Musical Theatre:

  • Composer

  • Lyricist

  • Librettist

  • Performer

  • Musical Director

  • Vocal Coach

Whew! Sometimes I forget I do so many things! Basically, I spend my entire year doing some or all of these things both as part of my professional career and my “survival job” (more on that at a later date).

My experiences have run the gamut from educational theatre camps through professional readings, workshops, productions of all types, and Broadway concerts at venues like Feinstein’s/54 Below and the Gershwin Theater (“Wicked!” BUM “Wicked!” BUM “Wi-cked!). And though I’m not on Broadway (yet), I’ve worked with plenty of people who are - many of whom I’d bet you’ve heard of before!


But Like, What Are You Going To Post?

Man, you’re just full of great questions today! Here’s what you can expect to see on this blog.

Weekly Posts

Once a week I will write a full blog post. About what, you ask? Hopefully a great many topics all relating to “livin’ the dream,” as we like to say. You can expect to see things like:

  • Stories of Experiences (Crazy, Awesome, Ordinary, or Other)

  • Exploration of Topics (Taboo or otherwise)

  • Opinions (That you are welcome to disagree with)

  • Theatrical Reviews

  • Questions and Quandries

  • Career Updates

  • Answers to Questions (I love audience interaction!)

  • Guest Posts (I mean, who wants just my thoughts all the time??)


And to satisfy your cravings otherwise through the week, I will be posting little snippets of Pictures, Videos, and Stories on my Instagram account, which will link up to this website as well! There I will be posting:

  • Behind-the-Scenes Content

  • A Daily Life Series

  • As Much Realness As Possible

I find so many of us spend our Social Media lives making ourselves and our experiences looks as incredible as possible. But sometimes, it’s just not true. I hope to take the look-at-how-awesome-my-life-is filter out of my posts and just be as real as possible.*

*Personal, non-blog posts may differ ;-)

So if you want more of The Glamorous Life through the week, either:

  1. Follow Me at: @radimichael

  2. Or Follow the Hashtag: #theglamorouslifeblog


OMG, Will Your Posts Always Be This Long?

Nurp. Definitely not! Some might be longer than others, but I thought it was important for you to get a sense of who I am and what I’m setting out to do! I do hope you will choose to follow this blog here, on Instagram, on my Facebook page, or on Tumblr (michael-radi-the-glamorous-life.tumblr.com).

I look forward to sharing my glamorous life with you!!